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Nutrition Unmeasured: Virtual Intuitive Eating and Wellness Coaching

Your weight doesn’t define you or your health. Your food scales, measuring cups, macro and calorie calculators don’t define good and bad food choices. Let your body be your guide. Experience food freedom and diet liberation. Get Started >>

Gina Forster, MS, RDN, LDN

RDN Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor

I’m Gina (Casagrande) Forster, a Registered Dietitian, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, with a master’s degree in human nutrition. I’m a mom of two, Paige and Cameron. I’ve been a Registered Dietitian for over 15 years. Did I mention I love to eat? My favorite foods are buttercream icing, pizza, and peanut butter. My life changed when I began giving myself unconditional permission to eat these foods. And guess what? You can do the same.

Reasons You May Seek Virtual

Nutrition Coaching Services

  • You are sick of counting calories & dieting
  • You want nutrition guidance, without restriction
  • You closely monitor all you eat, and want to stop
  • You want to raise an Intuitive Eater but first have work to do yourself
  • You are postpartum and want to discover food and body freedom
  • You are ready to start trusting and loving your body
  • You want more time for yourself
  • You love food and are excited about the idea of food freedom
  • You want to get rid of your food guilt
  • You want guidance on self-care practices that don’t focus on weight
  • You have a chronic condition and want realistic wellness tools and guidance to support you

What’s your unique reason for wanting to start this wellness journey?

Reasons you may NOT want to seek my services:

  • You are looking for weight loss tips
  • You need help starting a new diet
  • You are looking for a meal plan

What people have said about me…

from previous talks on intuitive eating.


“As a person recovering from an eating disorder, I’m always reluctant to attend food-related programs. But this was amazing, it’s like my behavioral nutritionist planned it.”


“Gina was so organized and is a great presenter! She had so much good information and great slides! I’d like to go back to take classes and I think today has inspired me to study nutrition. Thank you!”


“I thought [Gina] was great! So knowledgeable and non-judgmental.”


“Gina is great. I’ve dealt/deal with a lot of food issues and can tell that Gina has a good grasp on those issues. I greatly appreciate that.”


“Gina was calm and collected and presented in an easy-to-understand manner. Great speaker and great message. I wish more presentations on food and nutrition took a non-diet approach like her’s did. More people need to hear this. There is too much shame and guilt with food that leads people to make unhealthy decisions and they stay stuck in that cycle for years.”

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Interested in my Nutrition Coaching services, but have questions? Send me an email! If you’re ready to apply, fill out my personal coaching application HERE.

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Take back your life and start living again.