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Some Important Information About my Intuitive Eating Program...

Intuitive Eating is not a weight loss plan, and I will never ask about your weight or give you strategies for health that revolve around your weight.

This process is a journey, not a destination.

After Receiving Your Application

After receiving your application I will schedule a 20-30 minute Introductory Call. During this call we will discuss your hopes for this program, more details about what the program will look like, and answer any questions you have.

Can you commit to letting me know, at the end of your Introductory Call, a definitive yes or no to enrolling in the program?

About Your Commitment to this Program

With this commitment you will be billed $260 per month (**this price can be negotiable depending on your financial situation**). There is also an option for $130 per month, billed for double the time you are in the program. I do not take insurance, but can provide Superbills for you to submit to your insurance. This is an investment in your life; life enjoyment, self-care, happiness and health. The program includes unlimited weekday support and access to me via a private online health portal, and one-on-one wellness sessions every other week. You will also receive the Intuitive Eating workbook as well as a Body Kindness workbook to have and keep. The average person will take 5-8 months to get through the program, and we can work together to figure out when the best time to end might be (ultimately it's up to you!). After completing the program you will have access to a free 30-minute follow-up session with me each month for two months after sessions end, and lifetime “Support Calls” or "General Nutrition Support Sessions" with me as needed (at a discounted rate of $80 per session, normally $100). You may be able to use your Flexible Savings Account. We can talk about different payment plans if you are interested.

You will need to give me a 30 day notice of cancellation before ending your monthly payments.

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