Intuitive Eating Mini Courses

by Gina Forster, MS, RDN, LDN and Nutrition Unmeasured

Intuitive eating mini courses for raising intuitive eaters

Raising Intuitive Eaters, and Creating a More Peaceful Mealtime

45 Minute Mini-Session

Being a parent is incredibly rewarding, but we often lose confidence in ourselves when it comes to feeding our kids and helping them create balance in their meals. Join me for a 45-minute mini-session that describes ways you can help your kids trust their body signals to make food choices that are best for them. Meal planning tips and strategies for creating peaceful meal experiences will also be discussed. The last 5 minutes will be open for your questions! The next course will be May 3rd at 7pm.  This course is $20 per person.

Introduction to intuitive eating principles

Introduction to Intuitive Eating: A Look at Five Principles

45 Minute Mini-Session

Are you curious about Intuitive Eating but need more info before diving in? Join me for a 45-minute presentation that briefly describes five of the ten principles of Intuitive Eating. The last five minutes will be left for you to ask any questions you have! This course is $20 per person.

Getting in touch with hunger intuitive eating mini course

Getting In Touch With Your Hunger

45 Minute Mini-Session

Did you know that years of dieting can make your hunger go dormant? Diet culture may have you thinking that’s a good thing, “If I don’t feel hunger, I won’t eat!” but the reality is we can’t thrive without nourishing our bodies, and nourishment is best when we can notice and take action on the signals from our body. Join me for a 45-minute mini-session that describes simple methods you can start today to start noticing the subtle signs your body is giving for nourishment. The next course is June 7th at 7pm ET. This course is $20 per person.

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