Summer Trips- Snacks and Drinks Taste Test; With My Daughter Paige!

by | Jun 17, 2024

It’s been a while since Paige has been on the podcast! Now she’s 9, going on thirteen, can you believe it? Today we are doing a taste test to help you find some new quick and convenient summertime snack ideas.  Just a warning, there is a lot of “gas talk”, as Paige politely pointed out afterwards.  I made a very distinct discovery that a certain ingredient is lurking in just about every snack food we eat, and it’s one that is linked to bloating and gas. Any idea what it is?  Tune in to learn more and to get out delicious (or not so delicious) feedback!

Scores below are for taste, texture, overall yumminess, out of 5

Chobani Protein Yogurt Drink (Complete) Gina (1), Paige (2) — stick to the regular Chobani drinks, they are much better!

KIND Protein granola Both of us (1) – no flavor, tasted like nothing

Nature Valley Breakfast Bars: Gina (4), Paige (4.5)– but she hates that they have chia, she’s not a fan

KIND Cereal Bars Gina (2), Paige (3.5)

Daisy Cottage Cheese Cups Gina(5), Paige (1)

Perfect Bars Gina (3.5) Paige (3), we both like these but they all seem to taste the same!

Olipop Drinks Both of us (2) — this is even a stretch. The flavor we tried (Strawberry Vanilla) was just NOT good, way too “Sweet” and artificial tasting

Poppi Probiotic Drinks Ging a (3.5), Paige (4) — this tasted more like a Spindrift (yum!). It contains real sugar and it just tasted much better!

Yasso Greek yogurt bars  Both of us (3) — satisfying but just missing something, a texture maybe…chocolate!  The Mint Chocolate Chip is better in my opinion

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