From Weight Loss Dietitian, to Anti-Diet and Intuitive Eating Dietitian (**Trigger Alert, Discussion of ED**)

by | Jun 19, 2023

**TRIGGER ALERT** In this episode I briefly mention my history with an eating disorder.

Today I will take you through my journey of moving from a focus on weight loss and restriction, to a focus on intuitive eating, and body trust.  Once you see the truth about health and wellness, you can’t ever look back, and I feel that 100%!


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Show Notes

Intuitive Eating, by Elyse Resch and Evelyn Tribole

Reclaiming Body Trust: A Path to Healing and Liberation, by Hilary Kinavey and Dana Sturtevant.

Decolonizing Wellness, by Dalia Kinsey

Health at Every Size, by Lindo Bacon

Body Respect, by Lindo Bacon

Find Your Food Voice, by Julie Duffy Dillon

Maintenance Phase Podcast

The Mindful Dietitian (more for practitioners) 

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