Intermittent Fasting and PCOS, with Dietitian and Podcaster Julie Duffy Dillon

by | Jan 29, 2024

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a complex hormonal disorder with a variety of symptoms, many of which have the potential to affect eating and appetite.  For years woman with PCOS have been taught to lose weight and eat less, in order to control their symptoms, but is this the best advice? Join me as I interview Julie Duffy Dillon, a registered dietitian with years of experiencing helping woman with PCOS defy the societal pressures of controlling their weight or restricting food! See what Julie thinks about intermittent fasting, and other trends used to help “make us healthy”!

Show Notes

My Nourishment guide ($5)

Julie’s podcast

Research on PCOS and Intermittent Fasting

Facts about Inositol (from Julie’s website) 


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