Intuitive Half Marathon Training, and How a Focus on Weight is Harmful, not Helpful

by | Jul 17, 2023

I used to absolutely loathe running.  Before gym class, when I knew we’d have to run, I would get an upset stomach and butterflies all day long. I was slow, so I was embarrassed, but I was also not in the best endurance shape (because I was a kid, and I played softball, where back then there wasn’t much endurance training involved). I resigned myself to sprinting only, because I was really great at that (I could hit a terrible ball in softball and still make it to first on time!). Flash forward thirty years later, and I’m running half marathons.  Tune in to hear my story of moving from hating, to loving running, and how I trained for my first half marathon using tools of intuitive eating (no counting or recording!).


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