Taco Pasta Pressure Cooker Dinner

by | Mar 29, 2023

I’m a full-time working mom of two kids. This means simple, hearty meals are my go-to, especially for dinner.  Something I like to do is print out recipes and then make a note if the kids like or dislike them.  This pressure cooker taco pasta dish was made several months ago and I wrote “10/10, they both loved this!”.  When I remade it, they both loved it again. This dish is a one pot dish, which I love, and was ready in minutes. A simple meal that leaves little to clean up? That’s a win win.

It's not the prettiest....but the camera didn't do it justice!

I’m not a food blogger, as you can tell by the pictures. But, I love to share favorite recipes. I served this with a side of veggies and ranch, and for me a kombucha (my beverage of choice!).  This was hearty, filling and satisfying. The dish has all the best textures and flavors and left us all pleasantly satisfied.


Possible Modifications

  • Use a different type of pasta
  • Use ground turkey or even plant based “ground meat”
  • Add more or less cheese
  • Add another can of those yummy tomatoes (I will do that next time!)


I hope you enjoy this as much as my family and we did!

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